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Dr. Robert Watkins III

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Our Goal Is to Be the Best

The Best Surgeons

by helping our patients decide which of the latest surgical techniques and non-operative treatments are best for them.

The Best Doctors

by building compassionate long-term relationships with our patients and colleagues.

The Best People

by treating all of our patients with the same consideration and attention as we do our family members and professional athletes.

Our Services

Watkins Spine specializes in delivering full-service spine care. We treat patients along the full spectrum of spinal injury and pain.

Conditions Treated

• Cervical (Neck)

• Thoracic (Mid-Back)

• Lumbar (Low Back)

Surgeries Performed

• Cervical (Neck)

• Thoracic (Mid-Back)

• Lumbar (Low Back)

• Injections


Athlete’s Spine Center

Dr. Robert Watkins has treated more professional athletes with spinal injuries than any surgeon in the world.  He has established a reputation of professional integrity by acting in the best interests of his patients and providing his patients with comprehensive spine care.




video-thumbTake a look at our videos covering conditions treated, surgeries performed, and news reports about the Watkins Spine doctors.